I recently heard of someone who had never eaten Cherry Pie before! 😱🍒

So, since Valentines Day is right around the corner, I thought I would show you how to make a cherry pie – the easiest simplest vegan cherry pie you could ever imagine.

In fact I have made this whole process so simple, I’ve even made a video on how to make this pie – so if you would rather watch then read, scroll down to the bottom. ❤


Vegan Cherry Pie Recipe

You will need:

2 Tins of Cherries 🍒

1/4 teaspoon of almond extract

3 tablespoons of tapioca starch or corn starch

1/2 OR 3/4 cup of sugar

And some pastry (most store bought pastry is vegan.)


*Roll out your pastry and cover the bottom of your pie dish.

*Place pastry and pie dish in the fridge to cook whilst you make the filling.

*Empty one can of cherries through a sieve into a pot. That way you keep the cherries in the sieve and get the juice of one can into the pot.

*Empty the other can of cherries into the sieve – not over the pot. Do whatever you want with the juice from the second can.

*Add the tapioca starch, sugar and almond extract to the cherry juice and stir together over a Low heat until the juice starts to thicken.

*Once the juice starts to thicken, stir in all of your cherries and leave to cool.

*Turn the oven on to 400 Fahrenheit or 200 Centigrade.

*Roll out the pastry for the top of the pie, place cherry juice mix in the pie dish and cover with the pastry for the top. If you are totally confused by this step watch the YouTube video below.

*Place in the oven and bake for 35-40 minutes or until the pastry starts to brown and the inside starts to bubble.

*Remove from the oven, let the pie cool for at least an hour or two, cut and serve with vegan yoghurt.

This is my current non dairy yoghurt of choice – if anyone has any other recommendations please share them with me! 🌴




Let me know fi you make it – and how it turns out.

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