• Why would I want Apple AirPods?

  • How do AirPods stay in the ear?

  • How does one not lose one’s AirPods when they are so small?

  • Do AirPods  deliver good sound quality?

  • Will AirPods work as a talking device? How can they possibly cancel out  surrounding noise from an ear point?

These are all questions that left me critical and not overly enthusiastic about apple’s latest audio creation the Apple AirPods.

In fact – I would never have been able to answer ANY of these questions had I not been handed a pair of AirPods to try midway through another purchase I was making inside the Apple Store.

I was attempting to purchase something like this – no cord to “pull” from the device it connects to, but enough “protection” to stop it falling out.

Why would I want Apple AirPods?

As a person who has never found any generation of the apple earphone especially comfortable or secure, and as a person who loses things constantly, the concept of the AirPod did not enthrall me. 

I did not want AirPods – I wanted to purchase wireless headphones (with a protective neck strap because my earphones often fell out when I ran) – and I ended up with AirPods – which I now love and feel like I need to award some kind of “best of tech” award to.

So why do I love them? Let me count the ways:

I love how perfectly they fit.

I love that they have a sensor that automatically turns them off when I remove one from my ear.

I love the battery long battery life and many charges held in their tiny case.

I love how clear my voice is, even in crowded urban environments, when I use them for calls or voice notes.

I love that I need just tap one and talk to speak to Siri.

I love that they seamlessly connect with my phone.

I love that 15 minutes of charging gives me 3 hours of battery life.

I love that AirPods look subtle and go with everything.

I love that AirPods don’t fall out of my ear or have a cord bouncing around my body when I train or run.

How do AirPods stay in the ear?

My biggest issue with my old earphones was that they would fall out of my ear. I put this down to the shape of the apple earphone,  my own ears and possibly  the way I run. I later learned that the cord is the culprit!

For a variety of logical gravity related reasons having any weight (wires/cords) dangling from your earphones will tempt them out of the ear they are intended for and wreck their centre of gravity. AirPods are shaped and weighted to fit snugly into the ear. I didn’t believe this, so attempted to purchase a different set of Powerbeat earphones for my workouts. The sales lady at Apple insisted that I was making a mistake and should try the AirPods (which were cheaper but I was convinced would fall out.)

I tried the AirPods on and shook my head from side to side. I jumped up and down. I shook my head like a child trying to imitate a heavy metal muso and I did a little sprint after being prompted to do so by the sales lady.

AirPods passed every test, so I bought them, still slightly afraid they would fall out on a run when I got home.

I have had them for two months today and wear them every day. They have, to date, never fallen out of my ear.

How does one not lose one’s AirPods when they are so small?

The magic question.

I am VERY skilled at losing things, so I have a simple rule. When the AirPods come out, they go straight into their case.

The case starts charging them the moment they slide into their magnetised little slot – so its worthwhile always placing them back inside it to keep them fully charged.

I then keep the case inside the tiny zip pouch inside whatever bag I am using. It seems that almost every bag comes with a tiny pouch that I presume was intended to hold a mobile phone by a designer who clearly never uses his or her mobile phone – this tiny pocket is my go-to airdrops home. If you’re a guy, pick a pocket. Wallet, Keys, Phone, AirPods.

Stick to a routine and you won’t lose these – you’ll also probably use them too often to leave them behind anywhere.

Do AirPods  deliver good sound quality?

Yes! Somehow Apple tech comes up top again, high quality audio input and output. They also seem to be louder and clearer than their long tailed cousin. I am a very happy customer.

Do they work as a talking device? How can they possibly cancel out  surrounding noise from an ear point?

Very clever programming and many many tiny microphones situated around the AirPods create better personal narrative audio recordings than their long tailed cousin in SLK trials.

For all of these reasons and more I love my AirPods and have NO REGRETS making the purchase.

I also love my over-ear Houdt Earphones, which I like to wear when I fly or am on a computer in public.

What do you use for your music when you run/train/live?

And if you have AirPods – do you love them as much as me?

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